Polyethylene boards are widely used in the chemical industry, electronics, the food industry, transportation (vehicle engineering and transportation systems), construction engineering and the packaging industry. Depending on the PE type, the boards exhibit various physical properties. For example, the PE 1000 board is extremely resistant to abrasion, while the PE 500 board is extremely hard. The PE 300 boards, due to their availability in many colours (cake dyed) are an excellent construction material for playgrounds. This plastic is also widely used in many industrial branches. The boards are often complemented by cylinders and welding rods.


  • Hot bending
  • Cold bending
  • Heat forming
  • Drilling
  • Milling
  • Threading
  • Guillotine cutting
  • Laser cutting


  • High impact strength
  • High mechanical strength
  • Excellent insulation properties
  • Easy to machine
  • High chemical resistance
  • Can be used at temperatures of -40oC to +80oC


Extruded PE boards:

  • Water and chemical tanks
  • Silos for loose materials
  • Pipeline systems
  • Small waste treatment plants
  • Composting systems
  • Blood and foodstuff containers
  • Water pool lining
  • Wall-mounted rebounds
  • Wall and ceiling systems for food processing plants
  • Slides and other playground facilities
  • Chute lining
  • Metal cabling shields
  • Guard shields

Pressed PE 500 and PE 1000 boards

  • Abattoir benches and chopping blocks
  • Gears and self-lubricating transmission gears
  • Guides and sections
  • Lining of high capacity silos, ship holds, dump cars and coal wagons
  • Factory door systems
  • Industrial sieves and strainers
  • Harbour fender beams
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