PVC moulded boards

The PVC moulded boards are ONDEX corrugated and trapezoid boards made using genuine, patented bi-orientation processing. The process guarantees the orientation of the PVC molecules which increases strength and flexibility of the boards. This is why they are stronger than traditional PVC boards. They have a guarantee of resistance to hail, impact and adverse atmospheric conditions. ONDEX boards have Technical Approval no. AT-15-3043/2006, the Hygiene Certificate of Conformity no. HK/B/1037/01/96 and the fire class NP.991/A/06/MŻ. Our range also includes drip caps, roof ridge parts and ready-to-use fitting bundles. Each bundle includes: one spacer washer, one cap seal and one wood screw. Bundles without screws are also available.


  • Increased mechanical strength – thanks to the original polymer bi-orientation process.
  • The co-extruded protective shell reduces the risk of degradation during use
  • Manufacture of boards in any mould form and colour available
  • High impact strength – resistance to hail and impact
  • Flammability class B1 acc. to DIN 4102
  • Extreme durability
  • Extreme chemical resistance
  • High bending resistance
  • Double-sided UV resistance (HR series, selected Sollux boards)
  • Excellent transparency


  • Skylight boards for roofs and facades
  • Skylight runs for warehouse halls, sports halls and commercial halls
  • Canopy roofs
  • Partition walls
  • Station roofs, public transportation stops
  • Pergolas, arbours, terraces, garden tunnel and greenhouses
  • Construction fencing
  • Conveyor belt covers
  • Draining components


  • Cutting
  • Cold bending
  • Drilling
  • The boards must be stored and installed in accordance to the storage and assembly instructions
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