HPL boards

HPL (High Pressure Laminates) is a hardening high pressure laminate according to EN 438, EDF type, manufactured in lamination presses at high pressure and temperature. The hardened PU-acrylate resins give a highly resistant surface on both sides, which protect against ambient conditions and enable using the boards as permanent fillings of balcony balustrades and façade facing or as the raw material for modern furniture. The multitude of board types and their special variants with aluminium layers in the core enable extremely diverse applications.

We offer the widest selection of standard formats in the country, in the richest colour range, as well as custom-printed boards (HPL Max Individual Decor boards).



  • Decorative façade boards
  • Covering of balconies
  • Roof soffit boards


  • Partition walls
  • Self-supporting doors
  • Toilet cubicles
  • Fillings of balustrades
  • Counters
  • Kitchen furniture in commercial and public buildings
  • Wall and ceiling facing in laboratories, hospitals, etc.
  • Elevator shaft casings
  • Lockers in sports facilities, i.e. swimming pools


  • Cutting – manual circular saws with guides, manual saws with hardened blades, circular saws, saw-benches
  • Drilling – manual drills (when drilling through, the board must rest on a wooden block)
  • Metal drills are the best (high speed steel)
  • Planing – power planes
  • Milling – manual top-spindle miller, bench-type hand miller for edge machining
  • Cementing – silicon glues
  • Contouring – fret saw, single-sided positive bore


  • The largest selection of standard formats in Poland
  • Max Individual Decor – boards with custom prints
  • The largest colour palette in Poland
  • Element biding available
  • High strength parameters (high surface hardness, high resistance to bending, high tearing strength)
  • High chemical and biological resistance
  • High impact strength
  • Resistance to variable atmospheric conditions (the freeze-thaw cycle)
  • Resistant to rot and biological corrosion
  • UV resistant
  • Easy to machine and assemble
  • Easy to clean and sterilise
  • Insensitive to water and steam

Storage standards


  • 2140x1060 mm
  • 2800x1300 mm
  • 4100x1300 mm
  • 2800x1850 mm
  • 4100x1850 mm

Thickness range:

  • 2 – 15 mm for outdoor boards
  • 2 – 20 mm for indoor boards

Perforated phenol Alu-Compact boards (with aluminium insert) with enhanced resistance to chemical reagents (for laboratory counters), metal-surface boards (aluminium, copper, steel)

Colours: a range of several dozen colours, including wood, metallic and abstract patterns

Custom orders available.

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