Engineering fabrics

Engineering fabrics are in their true revival in modern architecture – they are used as membrane canopy roofs at advanced sports and mass event venues. Aesthetic and safe giving an air of lightness to a building and usually a futuristic look, irrespective of the structure size. Modern technology enables the manufacture of high performance materials, since the membrane alone is exposed to strong mechanical stress and atmospheric phenomena, e.g. precipitation or UV radiation.


  • Sports stadium membranes
  • Canopy roofs of other sports venues, i.e. gyms, tennis courts, swimming pools and other
  • Canopy roofs of objects of cultural events, e.g. arcades, stages
  • Canopy roofs of industrial buildings
  • Other – terminals, car parks


  • Strength – the primary advantage of membrane fabrics. The materials with glass fibres as the base fabric and coated with PTFE exhibit high tensile and tearing strengths.
  • Non-flammability – certified by competent construction engineering institutions
  • Flexibility – enables the creation of modern, eye-catching structures of canopy roofs and membranes
  • Protection against adverse atmospheric effects – the special structure of fabrics minimises absorption of liquids, protects against mould and the effects of chemical agents and UV radiation.
  • Self-cleaning properties – the special self-cleaning coat prevents the adherence of dirt. The rain washes the coat and keeps it clean.
  • Aesthetic – the possibilities for shaping of membrane fabrics allow making canopy roof structures of virtually any shape.
  • Dimensional stability – ensures a uniform shape of the membrane for many years of use
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