Boards for non-transparent screens

Aluminium sound panels are one of the materials most widely used for the construction of non-transparent sound screens in the location of high traffic intensity. The modular design and ease of forming makes the panels a universal material for noise reduction along intensely used roads. The sound panels, also known as sound insulation screens, are made of absorptive materials which pick up a part of the sound wave and prevent it from returning to the environment. The system of connecting individual panels ensures optimum tightness between the specific sound screen elements and guarantees high resistance to wind. The non-transparent sound screens erected in urban areas are usually made of the "green wall" type panels with mineral wool filling. Apart from excellent sound protection characteristics, the solution significantly improves the aesthetics of the surroundings, which is due to the special outer trellis adapted for the growth of climbers – this feature causes the "green wall" effect. The "green wall" panel is a double-side absorbing panel.


  • Modular design
  • Easier to machine than steel panels
  • Lower specific gravity than steel panels
  • Higher corrosion resistance than sheet steel
  • Resistance to salt mist and acid rain
  • Resistance to impact with stones
  • High sound parameters
  • Can be connected with other materials to achieve any architectural form
  • Easily replaced after damage


  • Communication routes
  • Motorways and roads with intense traffic, railway lines and sidings, tramway lines, flyovers, tunnels and other structures
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