LED highlights

The TU-LIGHT series modules are made of 5050 series LEDs embedded in hermetic silicone. The LEDs provide extremely high brightness, low power consumption and low heat emission. The TU-LIGHT modules in standard versions feature double-sided adhesive tape which allow easy application to surfaces without the use of any tools. The flexible wiring which connects the modules enable any configuration of the elements. The TU-LIGHT modules are offered in chains of 20 modules and any number of modules can be cut – also the chains can be connected in longer configurations.

The TU-LIGHT RAX flexible bands made of 5050 series LEDs on a silicone-coated tape. This ensures reliable operation of the bands outdoors and indoors at exposure to increased moisture and water (kitchen rooms, bathrooms). The band chains can be cut which helps to optimally design and install the lighting. Our offer of modules and bands is complemented by indoor and outdoor power supply units. When selecting the power supply unit, remember that the total power of modules must not exceed 80% or the power supply unit rated power.


  • Excellent, wide-angle (≥ 140°C) and very bright LEDs
  • High brightness – up to 50,000 hours of failure-free operation
  • Perfect for outdoor and indoor use; operating temperature: from -40°C to +50°C
  • Easy installation – double-sided self-adhesive tape
  • Chains and bands can be cut into shorter runs
  • Small module dimensions – the advantage of discreet lighting


  • Highlighting advertisements, light-boxes and 3-D lettering
  • Indoor design – highlighting furniture, walls, staircases, recesses, kitchens or bathrooms
  • Exhibition and shop window design – showcases, etc.
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